for a future





the galactic university

the only scientific
provable solution for

saving this world
being very easy to finding out

by some real homo sapiens
organizing themselves in




an argumentocracy

and for this institution to be realized there

just need to specify

that the fulfillment
of all being guaranteed

since only if all
are going to be fulfilled
can the individual becoming fulfilled
since all the others are not in frust
and doing all of this destruction
as of now

will this already from a constitution
of a country here on the planet
being already specified

but not enforced

since all those are not homo sapiens

but with out any wisdom

further more

these human rights
of the fulfillment of all
since the beginning of the universe
as a vision of this creation
being required

everyone has to fulfill himself
and thus to prove his humanity

thus guaranteeing the fulfillment of all
thus the fulfillment of creation
in the whole universe
bringing further on

following from this
his own fulfillment

forever to guarantee

since then this real humanity
his human dignity can guarantee


that means at the same time
that everything that threatens humanity
so every anti human that being just a shame
with all aggression pointed out to

further more
for the sake of its own fulfillment

no one should ever be getting ill
so no one is allowed to

eat sickening nourishment
or take a sickening drink

of course
never inhale smoke
because then the health
being damaged

there by yourself and your fulfillment
being hindered

and all that your fulfillment
will prevent

must be prevented
by prevention

there is neither
under this pointed out constitution
or under the vision of creation
a right to any disability

to the fulfillment of humanity

so no one is allowed to harm
no one is allowed to enslave

no one should go

on madness fanning on

because any madness
does not make any sense
being not worthy of a human

but being a disease
a lack of wisdom

therefore all must
eat healthy nourishements

so must now the human rights
being finally enforceable
and forbidden 
all harm

so none of
us should harm
our environment

and thus harm everyone

the future generations
may be harmed

so all predators must be removed
so that they no longer harm
so that we have the food
for all humans

and no predator
will not eat away this
as well that no more humans
are eaten by these predators

as an example
no one will walk around
with swords in his hands
in his settlement

or will real humans
their nourishments destroy

it being about creating values
argue every day ... every night
with all and no limits

and never excludeing
or being suspended
from some where

because only then must all
keep the law of human rights

as well as the law of this universe
since the beginning of time

of eternity

because only then will everyone
being motivated

our world and all humans
in their fulfillment
to guarantee

then announce
these agreements

to this world
this real solution

and then becomeing a few thousand
finding ever more

then some
millions more

then some
7 thousands of millions more


this solution

a thousands of a million years

on a million x million worlds
of wisdom

in this universe

being existing

where a real trillion
1 xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx
real homo sapiens

their fulfillment
are pursueing every day

for the sake of fulfillment
of the vision of creation
always bringing

every one further

and what being

a galactic autonomous territory ?

an area

that because it is inviolable

since guaranteeing real human rights

and thus the only instance on rightiousness

enjoying full immunity

counsil galactic central

there by

as soon as some humanity
this can proclaim

can not any in justice instance
can summon them

since they being then on

the constitutional

resistance to removal
the constitutional order
can appeal to

and this reality
can no false instance
make public

or there by becoming

an un rightious instance

the argumentocracy

further more

we need a science
to study the vision and
evolution of creation

since the beginning
of time


any scientist
having a sound mind
will be able to prooving
to himself

that creation having been
designed by an entity full of wisdom
for biological entities

to fulfilling the work
he having started

so science and religion
being just compliments
to each other

not conflicts

it being abvious

that this present creation

must be the end of evolution
of all the creations before

not being the first creation

since this creation
to perfectly


for the fulfillment
of a highly developed

homo sapiens

for being the first creation

the reality

on this planet dirt


that one pityfull vanity competing
with the next in the destruction
of creation inherited

not in perfecting this creation
as needed by the vision
of creation

we should be improving all of climate
so that there are less damaging storms
less droughts ... less heat waves

not more

we should welcome any solution
no any democratic provided problems

we should be making things
lasting forever

not becoming absolute
the next day

and why are
all those 7 thousand milliones
competing with this suicid ?

with this sencelessness ?

accually I have no idea it all
but when we are looking
at all of this

and know behavioral science
we can only be thinking
that all those

are just concerned about not becoming jealous
not having any one being a real success
so their vanity becoming known

we could thereby say
that all those are satan
being jealous at the success
of creation

so wanting

to end creation every day

and no longer being jealous

about creation

if a whole population

being on flight from reality

for the production
of their vanity

since not having any quality
what so ever

other then


they can not possibly
be having any future

since all environment
all and any humanity


have to be wasted

to making this race from reality
to just producing

their vanity

with out their vanity
they will lose all of their existence

and without existence
they will surely
be dying

on this world


this said

we will be showing

that there can be no science

other then fractions
of knowlegde

for destruction
of any

infinite knowlegde


as an example

we will be taking

the story of

giordano bruno

sitting in the late  16th century
at night there and looking up
at all those stars

and having the idea

that all those stars
must be

very distant


with planets around them
and possibly humans

so what happened ?

to him

of cource he could not be tolerated
since the whole vanity
of all of rome

was the exclusiveness
of their planet dirt


if the whole quality
of a planetary population being



then no body
will be able to publish

infinite knowledge

because he will automatically
have no more existence

since he will be excluded from this vanity
since they can not tolerate any infinity knowlegde

and just partial knowlegde
will not being enough
to having a future

and any fulfillment

and this being the pupose
of your being here

to fulfill yourself
by fulfilling humanity
by full filling creation

now you will say

that you
just want to fulfill yourself

and this being your problem

since vanity being about
not being real

and as soon as any one
will not being real

he can not know reality


no science

since all of science
has to be about reality

cosmic reality


you have to include
the reason of being here

in all your science

and creation had to be created

nothing will happen

becoming created

if no one has the will to do this

so if there being no will
to creating a universe
there will be none

why would a house
any thing becoming
with out any one wanting it

except any

plain physical  process

but creating matter
out of nothing

being no


physical  process

but a creation

so why does this science of vanity
does not see this ?


since there can not be any thing above

this mass of vanity
of this planetary population

they have to be the highest

or what would they have ?

if they have nothing else
but their





on planet dirt


since xx always selecting
only tricks and pimps

everyone born immediately
will be synchronized
to their death

for her vanity
of heir insanity

no homo sapiens
will be having a chance
on a public truth to create

so xx will never be confronted
with her addiction to no responsibility
for a human rights society

for a lasting future

be an argumentocracy

to having a worthy
a meaningful future

only this destruction
of any human and all environment

for the
vanity procurement orgy of xx

and her zombies

so this world can not be saved
because there is no reality as a basis to decide
there by these decisions can not be correct

and this infinitely liberated mass of insanity
so this tyranny of democracy
this suicide attack
will end

all of this mass of insanity

so the end of this world
being not a question
of if

but only when ?
there can be no more life

because this planet earth
becoming a second venus ...

only if
the becoming real
of any natives

becoming possible
could this become

the initiation

of this mass of insanity
becoming confronted
with their insanity

and all this can only happen

if an argumentocracy

a reality

every one will be having a voice

pointing to any problem
showing all of the solutions available

just imagine

all those predatory fish
sea leons and whales
would be eliminated

eating by the million of tonnes
all those little sardines etc

how much more healthy nourishment?
there would be for humans

the same if all the predatory animals
on land and in the air

just imagine

all the air conditioners
would be using only 1%
of the energy

by using the fact
that some 10+ feet below
any vegetation proviting shade

there will be around 50° f   ...  10° C

so all you have to do
will be to put a metal tube
down there

and with a fan you have your building

cooled down

as well as pre warmed
in the winter

or take any fridge
and place the opening on the top
so no cooled air will be flowing out
every time you open ...

and the efficiency
will increase


and now imagine

for all and a million times more
there would be a population

wise enough to listen ...

the argumentocracy

this spiral

of de humanization
so this de socialization
of de generation

of the citizen
generated by non compliance
of the human rights

so this unlawful state hood
starting from

all tyrant government
before the present
and improved

with the opposite modus operantie
thus through the liberation
of this anti-citizen
the anti-state

so the negative liberation to this monster
this glorified lone fighter

who never could possibly
be improving any environment
or any human

where as any state government
dehumanization improved through
to negative regulations
so we now destruct
the natives

so the now government
the climate change rights
to guarantee

just need this
to stand up to all anti humans
evenly distributed

so needs any one to wonder
that there are no

homo sapiens ?

so we need
to guarantee real human rights
and getting rid of all predators

that would be the very least ...
to start on bringing all

this freedom of negativity to a hold
and start giving freedom
to being a human

to fulfillment


the argumentocracy

our cosmic community

the sapiens foundation

the galactic university

the cosmic institute

the institute of cosmic religion

the eternity institute

the utopia institute

an education for all of eternity

published by

galactic central information